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Helltown Settlement on the isolated tip of the Cape Cod sandbar spawned the illustrious Mooncussers of lore. The original beachcombers, legend has it that the Mooncussers walked the 'back' beaches far from town on dark and moonless nights, carrying lanterns to signal passing ships just offshore. The unlucky ships' captains would sometimes mistake the lantern lights as signals of safe harbor and steer towards shore. Many of these ships would meet their end on the treacherous, shifting sandbars of the "Graveyard of the Atlantic," where the ocean would batter and break up the ship, casting treasures of all sorts onto the beach for the Mooncussers to salvage. If the moon was bright, it would foil these plans, and the salvagers became known as "Mooncussers."


        Mooncusser Tattoo Studio was established in 2002 by Provincetown’s first officially licensed tattooers, after a decades long ban that outlawed tattooing was finally lifted in 2001.

       Our tattooers all have many years of training in the artistic and technical aspects of our fields. We use the best equipment and sterile techniques to keep you safe and provide you a top quality piece of artwork. We love what we do and continuously educate ourselves through hosting accomplished tattooers at Tattoo Summer Camp, attending conventions and seminars, and otherwise pursuing our art. We are fully licensed by the Provincetown Board of Health, CPR and FirstAid certified and trained regarding Bloodborne Pathogens and sanitary procedures.

We love creating tattoos in a place that inspires with its beauty, the creativity of its people, and its outlaw place in history!

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