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Winter on Cape Cod, especially in Provincetown is a whole different beast. It slows down to a nice slow pace and offers a different perspective to the beautiful landscapes we often miss in the summertime. During these months we take the time to prepare for our next summer while still maintaining a steady business.


Recently our Captain, Khristian Bennett, sustained a very serious eye injury, requiring emergency eye surgery to try and save his eye. It went well but he will likely require 2 additional surgeries. Despite it all he and all of us are staying positive as fuck about it. He'll be back tattooing whether he has one eye, two eyes, or three eyes. He needs rest and to take care of himself for now. We have an Eyeball support T-shirt available online or in the shop! We would love if you wore it and tagged Khristian in it @mooncussertattoo, to show your support.  


This means we have a growing list of tattooers coming in to visit and make you some great tattoos! This list extends from our Tattoo Summer Camp into the winter months. Stay updated here or follow us on Instagram or Facebook !

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